Introduction of MICE

The acronym MICE stand for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions is more commonly known as the Meetings Industry. The term MICE come in the context of travel industry that is evolved to coordinate the hosting, management and promotion of tourism businesses with strategic initiatives. The MICE market is dedicated and has professionals for planning, organizing, and facilitating the conferences, events and various seminars in an efficient manner. This MICE industry or tourism in general terms completes the managing of a well-planned agenda by the coordinators of the event focused on a specific topic, subject or purpose. A MICE event could be for professional trade organization, a training topic or a regional interest.

Meeting for Corporates

End to End Meeting Management Services

Business meetings serve as the perfect venue for sharing information, conduct brainstorming sessions and building team synergy. Depending upon the agenda, meeting sizes can range from ten to thousands of people. Today, corporate meetings are not confined to boardroom discussions rather they serve as an interactive platform for corporates to build business strategies and create the foundation of cohesive and interactive workplace. We provides premium meeting planning and management services, customized as per the corporate requirements. Our impeccable planning and implementation techniques ensure flawless execution of meetings at affordable cost. The entire gamut of services includes resource management, high-quality equipment procurement, hospitality, catering and post meeting wrap up. You can bank upon our experience and technical knowledge for the best in class services.

Incentives Travel

Advanced and customized travel packages for lifetime experience

Incentive travel programs are the perfect getaways to break free from stressful and mundane corporate routines and reward your employees for their hard work and achievements. It is an excellent way to inspire, rejuvenate, and energize them for their present accomplishments and

future challenges in tandem. It is the best tool to motivate your employees and strengthen their loyalties towards the organization. Consistent rewards in terms of incentive travels will also help you to enhance your brand presence in the market. At Travellence Tourism, we offer advanced incentive travel services for a unique and memorable travel experience in your budget. A manager will be specially assigned to choose the destination, planning and management of itinerary, visa and forex assistance to pick and drop at your locations, we provide the complete gamut of services under one umbrella.

Conference Management

Premium Conference Management Services

Conferences are an integral part of business in corporate world. It is an ideal medium for meeting and greeting business associates & key stakeholders, fostering new partnerships and strengthening old relations. For successful execution of a conference, it is imperative to give attention to the finest details at every stage of the project. Our decade-long experience complemented with creativity and in-depth industry knowledge will help in flawless execution of your conferences on turnkey basis. Our services caters complete requirement including site visit, venue selection, reservations, celebrity booking, entertainment, technical assistance, accommodation, catering, hospitality and resource management under one roof to ensure clients get the best taste of services at competitive price. Through seamless integration of our technical know-how and industry expertise, we have successfully executed hundreds of conferences across diverse industries. Our team of experts will ensure customized services and personal attention for delivery beyond expectations.

Exhibitions and Events

Understanding objectives – what is the purpose of the event? What experience do we want people to have? Planning an event is impossible without clear objectives.

Establishing timelines – determining what has to happen and when. Any large event involves complex time management, scheduling and coordination of other people’s activity – such as catering, digital and technological set up and venue preparation.

Selecting a venue – selecting a venue may seem simple but the importance of finding the right venue should not be underestimated. This involves research, contract and cost negotiation and building working relationships. We will create beautiful and impressive settings and a high degree of satisfaction for all your activities like sporting and cultural events, exhibitions, trade fairs, ceremonies, new product presentations, and much more.


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